NPBAG25-Small Cow Leather Handbag

Vegetable-tanned cow leather (approx. 2.5 mm thick), aniline-dyed. Raw, buffed and polished edges. Inside pocket goat suede leather, chrome-tanned. Stainless steel fittings. Strap that can be adjusted to three positions, length 1.1-1.3 m, width 2.5 cm. Black. Width 24 cm, height 18.5 cm, depth 7 cm. Weight 600 g.

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This sleek little leather bag might look rather modest but its craftsmanship is all the more sophisticated. The body of the bag is made from a single piece of strong saddle leather (2.5 mm thick) which is pared down and folded into shape. Each side is held together by a single seam, with one more securing the bag flap. This rear seam also holds the strap, which is positioned in such a way as to keep the bag close to the body when worn diagonally across the upper part of the body.

The undivided interior is big enough to hold a small tablet and has an integrated side compartment made of soft goat suede with two pockets to keep contents organised. To close the bag, a small leather flap is inserted through a metal slot. Such fittings are usually used on trailers to hold tarpaulin belts and straps in position.

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