NPBAG07-Hunter’s Bag Made of Cowhide

Cowhide (thickness 2.5-3 mm), vegetable tanned. Unlined. Comes with an adjustable carrying strap, length 1.28-1.37 m, width 2 cm. Width 25 cm, height 20 cm, depth 8 cm. Weight 670 g.

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This bag is not exactly what hunters would look for: They would miss specific details such as cartridge holders or the “chicken gallows” for attaching shot game. Nonetheless, hunters would recognize the functionality from classic hunting bags. The combination of robust material cowhide and a reduced-to-the-essentials style makes the bag a model downright predestined for everyday use. The bag comes with a main compartment made from one uncut piece of leather and a leather strap closure complete with a buckle sewn on the flap. The main compartment offers storage space for everyday essentials, while a smaller front pocket (11.5 × 18 cm) holds sensitive items such as your cell phone or wallet. The flap on the front pocket closes particularly firmly and securely thanks to a cartridge button. Two round-stitched leather hoops provide a resilient connection to the carrying strap and make a significant contribution to the bag’s defining look. If you like, you can do it like hunters do and fasten a cardigan or rain jacket in one of these hangers.

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